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The information provided may or may not accurately and fully reflect the current availability status, physical description and condition of properties, programs and/or services that are listed.

Neither VHDA, its employees, contractors, Board of Commissioners or, its parent company and/or subsidiaries make any representations as to whether (i) the rent charged for any unit constitutes a fair market rent for such unit; (ii) the property is in compliance with all applicable building and safety codes; and (iii) the landlord conducts its rental practices and building maintenance in a professional and commercially reasonable manner.

It is imperative that persons searching for housing speak with the landlord and/or property management company and thoroughly inspect the property and surroundings prior to signing any contracts to verify the current status and condition of any property.

Although information may be obtained through outside sources other than VHDA or such as City, County, State, Federal, private, public, faith-based and other access points [hereinafter collectively referred to as entities, access-points or portals] to the information contained herein, neither the entities, VHDA, nor endorse or proclaim the accuracy of information retrieved by or through VHDA and/or nor the entities.

Non-Profit Industries, Incorporated and provide the listing services only and are not responsible for, nor bear any interest in, any of the properties, programs or services listed through the site. All responsibility for said listings, properties, programs and/or services are attached to the owners and/or management companies of said information.

This information is provided as is without any warranty, guarantee, or contract intended or implied in any manner, shape or form.

All information is provided to or through VHDA or by persons who are deemed to have the authority to enter property listing, program and/or service information and sufficient knowledge of said rental property, program and/or service to enter the information correctly for public consumption.

VHDA, its employees, contractors, Board of Commissioners and, its parent company and/or subsidiaries are not responsible for, and cannot be held liable for, any of the information displayed on or through this site, or in printed materials obtained on or through this site or through any other entity or portal which access the information contained herein.

In using this site, the end-user agrees to hold harmless VHDA, its employees, contractors and Board of Commissioners and, its parent company, Board of Directors, employees, contract providers, partners, sponsors, entities, portals, access-points and subsidiaries for any and all reasons whatsoever.

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